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Six Tech Sectors That Haven’t Lived Up to Their Potential — Yet

Six Tech Sectors That Haven’t Lived Up to Their Potential — Yet
Six Tech Sectors That Haven’t Lived Up to Their Potential — Yet

It is probably hard to imagine, but some technology we all realize and use each day have been nothing extra than innovative thoughts a touch over a decade ago. The main mobile running device in 2009 become Nokia’s Symbian; YouTube become slightly the age of a little one; and cloud computing sounded like a completely indistinct idea to maximum. Now, there are approximately 4 billion smartphones inside the global, offered inside the hundreds of millions every year; most people are subscribed to at the least one streaming carrier; and cloud computing offerings are used on the workplace, in college, and in private homes through anyone using Google or Microsoft offerings. All of those technologies, however, started as ideas that struck buyers as promising and have been capable of come to fruition particularly fast.

The iPhone 4 became released in 2010 and have become a prototype for each phone that observed. In 2009, much less than one million Android-primarily based gadgets were offered, while these days Google’s mobile working device is utilized by around seventy five% of all lively smartphones inside the international. In 1995, there had been 16 million internet users; in 1998, there were already approximately 147 million; and today nearly the whole Western international is hooked up.

These are only a few examples of tech that caught on, however the beyond decade saw many technologies which are much less possibly to be found out or provide a go back on investment any time quickly. After all, electric powered cars have been invented at across the same time as internal combustion cars, but it took them an additional century to grow to be business. Let us survey some of the last decade’s technological trends that regarded to be the next huge issue, but failed or have yet to fulfill their capability.

Virtual and augmented reality

The promise that we’d all at some point stroll round with augmented reality glasses become unfold by means of Google seeing that the start of the last decade. In 2013, but, Google Glass hit a wall inside the form of a society now not willing to let cross of its privacy — but.

The subject of augmented and digital reality can be developing regularly at an average tempo of 27% a yr, however it is nonetheless very a ways from being widely universal the way smartphones had been. The modern-day flop in the area became Magic Leap’s goggles, which reportedly sold slightly 6,000 devices in the six months following their launch.

Blockchain and bitcoin

This area is virtually mystifying. On the only hand, bitcoin did skyrocket in fee, making pretty some new (virtual) millionaires. On the opposite hand, it’s miles extremely tough to coins in and use in the bodily world.

Blockchain, the technology on which bitcoin is based, become purported to update legal professionals, nation authorities, and banks in relation to report authentication and credibility assessments, however it did now not. Tech giants like IBM and Oracle attempted to incorporate blockchain into their agency software, however as it turns out, nobody really desired it considering the fact that current technology provide a comparable solution at a lower value.

To make a long story short, blockchain and bitcoin appear to have remained now not a whole lot more than a interest for tech enthusiasts.


The idea is splendid — agencies do now not have sufficient personnel to talk with each consumer, however software will be made to mimic a human reaction. Facebook, Twitter, and groups presenting client engagement services like LivePerson all noticed it as a probably lucrative street, however 3 years after the preliminary hype, chatbots have not begun to take over customer service centers and most clients nevertheless view them as a nuisance status in the manner of them reaching a human consultant that would genuinely resolve their problem. Chatbot technology may also still shine inside the destiny, however, via virtual non-public assistants together with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, currently proven to be succesful of having a almost herbal conversation with a human client ordering a flower delivery.


Another investor preferred, the net-of-things (IoT), promised to connect our refrigerator to the supermarket to mechanically restock on milk; to have our tv units experiment our faces to decide which family member is watching and switch to their favored channels; or to have business manufacturing machinery capable of handling its stock.

These theoretically sound thoughts ran into numerous critical problems, specifically on the subject of privacy and statistics security issues. As it seems, manufacturers did not trouble or understand a way to relaxed their products, leading to hacked webcams, connected devices compromising a whole network, and even unsolicited mail-sending refrigerators. Hackers had a field day, investors have been less joyous.


Drones, or unmanned aerial cars (UAVs), have been presupposed to supply our pizzas and Amazon programs or fly us above traffic, however they haven’t, and not for lack of attempting. Amazon began dabbling with the notion of its Prime Air shipping machine back in 2015, however it has but to be found out. Several corporations, which includes Google’s Wing Aviation, do provide drone deliveries however best in confined regions and over short distances.

The important issue of the drone area remains the dearth of proper regulation — as of yet, nobody has been capable of determine out how to turn UAVs right into a secure and reliable sufficient device that may be let out above the public sphere.

Autonomous cars

In 2016, entrepreneur Elon Musk anticipated there may be about 10 million self sufficient cars on the road by using 2020. Needless to say, he turned into wrong. As of now, there are just several hundred self sufficient cars, all used completely for restrained trials.

The main trouble is that the generation has yet to mature. It is extremely hard at hand the wheel over to a computer with the intention to replace a human motive force’s judgment. Regulators are also some distance at the back of and unsure of the way to address a robotic on wheels riding in site visitors. Insurance groups are lagging as properly, falling in the back of on developing applicable actuarial regulations. Combine these types of factors and also you get a area this is not going to expose substantial increase in the close to destiny.

All the technology indexed above haven’t begun to stay as much as the hopes of the visionaries that concocted or invested in them, but that doesn’t suggest the following decade received’t see them revolutionizing our day-to-day lives. Sometimes, all you want is a bit tweak to the environment or a small technological step forward to show an disregarded technology into an overnight achievement.

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