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Forbes golfing Currey and Barnes Produce Dynamic Scores

Forbes golfing Currey and Barnes Produce Dynamic Scores
Forbes golfing Currey and Barnes Produce Dynamic Scores

The weekend golfers loved a few first rate weather that introduced surprises inside the manner of proper ratings and the occasional wind squall. Undoubtedly it became a weekend in which the early birds had the great of conditions, however the later fliers produced the ratings.

On Saturday the Men’s competition became an Individual Stroke occasion, backed by using Knights Fabrications, and contested by using a subject of 70 gamers.

The golfers were playing so nicely that no fabrication was needed, but there have been moments whilst some metallic turned into had to withstand the wind squall, and guide needed to recover while the prevailing rankings were published.

The Division 1 triumphing score delivered gasps from all inside the Golfie, and produced a huge smile on the participant’s face. Peter Barnes had an afternoon while all of the planets aligned, firing a seventy nine scratch score to offer him a nett 63.

He stored his mistakes to a minimal, and helped his rating with more than one birdies at the back-nine. Runner-up turned into Stephen Uphill with sixty seven nett. He played a completely even sport, below the eagle eye of the Captain, turning simplest -over.

Like “Barnesy”, his again-nine had a few blemishes but nevertheless no longer horrific. The Division 2 ratings produced the surprise of the day. Players toppled off chairs while Adam Currey posted his rating of a nett 60.

Not most effective did the planets align, but the angels sang, the ball bounced fortunately, and the brand new driving force labored a deal with. Scores of 39-39 had been close to his pleasant ever, helped along through three birdies and no blemishes.

Runner-up became Robert Scott, whose game clicked into gear to permit him to record his quality ever rating, despite an 8 on the eighth hollow.

The ball sweep went to seventy two nett, going to: 60 – A Currey; 63 – P Barnes; 67 – S Uphill, R Scott; sixty nine – T Callaghan, J Zannes; 70 – E Gaffney, M Spice, M Cahill, G Pymont, P Grayson, A Dukes; seventy one – S French, B Shine, H Steel-Park; 72 – Alf Davies, R Webb, R Borger, S Kirkman.

The NTP’s went to; ninth – B Parker; 18th – P Grayson. The situations allowed twos to be scored nearly at will, with the ninth struggling badly.

The first-rate went to Bob Borger on the first, where his tee shot ws most effective two feet from the pin!

Our tourist from Wagga, Tim Tisdell, struggled at first but then got here home properly with a string of pars.

The winners at the day must rely their advantages as all of then encountered some issues along the manner.

The satisfactory ratings appeared to had been scored at some point of a length of wind squalls. Peter Barnes had one shot where the club went in addition than the ball.

And Adam Currey ‘had an issue’ on the seventh however nevertheless managed a bogey.

Terry Griffiths positive made his presence recognised on the direction. Terry turned into sporting a completely large huge-brimmed hat, most becoming it changed into, which precipitated many players subject when the strong gusts of wind blew up.

The probability of Terry doing a ‘Mary Poppins’ was reduced via ensuring Paul Kay turned into available to grab his ankles. The negative trees seem to get blasted from all facets.

If changed into no longer from the winds, then from balls hanging them. Playing the eighth, Stephen Uphill had a very slim hole among bushes to squeeze via.

But he showed good bowling approach to hit the tree ‘center stump’ from which the ball rebounded an awesome 30 metres behind him. He nonetheless managed a 5 at the hole.

Others to parry with the trees covered Garry Pymont, who had to almost climb a small tree on the 14th to play his shot. Ethan Gaffney become nicely clear of the bushes on the eleventh, explaining it become the safest manner to play the seventh.

That is route control certainly. Ralph Baker had troubles on the thirteenth, also going backwards after placing timber, and finishing with an 8.

Among the various sad memories was Bob Borger. He was alongside ‘Barnesy’, and started out like a train. Bob turned into one-beneath after 4 holes, thanks to his birdie on the first, but then turned into six-over after seven holes.

He slipped to 6-over on the front-nine, and crawled home at the again-nine. Uncharacteristic blemishes took place with other gamers.

Ray ‘The Pro’ Taylor managed three shanks in his spherical, whilst Scott, Kirkman this is, turned into aghast at a four-putt at the seventeenth for a six after being nicely located. Digit McAuliffe did nicely to score a nett 73.

At one stage within the morning it looked like he may not make it to golf. By sheer ability he narrowly prevented a collision on the Eugowra street, and become still shaken up whilst he started his recreation. We are thrilled he is still here.

History became made, this time with the aid of Alby Callaghan. For the primary time in over 15 years, and as attested by means of his everyday golfing companions, he went OB on the seventh. He turned into so shattered with the aid of the event that he stumbled to a nine on that hollow.

The Sunday Stableford Medley had a good subject, most of whom played early within the day. And the scores blanketed a gamut of stories.

Josh Coulthurst took the honours with forty two factors, with his best blemishes being double-bogeys on the seventh and 16th. He shot beyond Bruce Carpenter, who on forty points was searching desirable, but a steady the front-9 turned into his undoing.

The ball sweep went to 36 factors, giving Jacob Bernardi a ball, which was complemented by using his NTP balls, having picked up each the ninth and 18th awards.

The girl gamers were properly pleased to complete beforehand of Ray Taylor for a exchange. Ray had four wipes and seven one-hints typical, but did control double figures on the returned-nine.

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